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Sagan Dalya. Tibetan White Wing. (25 gr) Sagan Dalya tea gives you that extra boost you need to get through your day. Caffeine free!

Sagan Dalya is a strong stimulating plant, vastly superior to coffee, Ginseng and Golden root.

Rhododendron adamsii. Origin: Buryatia. Russian Federation.

Sagan Dalya is a legendary shrub native to the Russian Far East. Indigenous population of Baikal area call it “white wing”. Since ancient times the plant has been used by shamans and healers of the Far East, Mongolia, and North-East Tibet.

Ancient legend tells that the herb got its healing properties when triumphant warriors thrust their spears into hillsides to render salute to their home land. Over time a shrub that renders accumulated energy to humans appeared in these lands.

Sagan Dalya is a strong stimulating plant, superior to coffee, Ginseng and Golden root. The attempts to cultivate this species in botany gardens had no success. Leaves of Sagan Dalya contain high level of ether oils and rarely studied alkaloids, flavonoids: myricetin, quercetin, dihydroquercetin, rutin. Having made even a few sips of Sagan Dalya herbal tea you will feel that it acts immediately on human body: leverages internal energy, refreshes mind and removes fatigue. Moreover, Sagan Dalya has very nice and delicate taste, so you can make herbal tea or add its leaves to your favourite tea or drink.

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Try Sagan Dalya if you want to clear, refresh and strengthen your body and acquire mountainous power and purity. The herb is so strong that you need only 5 or 7 leaves to make a drink. 50 grams of this plant will be enough to qualitatively purify and revitalize your body and spirit. The drink acts at cellular level and is beneficial to all body systems. By buying Sagan Dalya you shield yourself from negative environmental factors and consequences of stress.

It strongly advances human energy potential and heals from the inside not merely removing syndromes as majority of chemical meds do. Sagan Dalya is a gift nature bestowed to the mankind to express its protection and goodwill.

How to make a drink?

You can brew Sagan Dalya on its own or add it to your favourite tea. Add some 5-7 leaves (on a stick or not) to a cup of freshly boiled water and let it draw for 10 or 15 minutes. (most effectively - 30 minutes) Do not drink Sagan Dalya tea more often than twice a day and before going to bed (it has strong toning effect). If you drink Sagan Dalya herbal tea every day for about a month you then need to take a break for about 2 weeks to avoid excessive accumulation of phytogenic actives in your body.

There is only one way to understand the difference between the hand picked wholly preserved herbs and those sold in pharmacies: by comparing their smell, taste and efficiency. Our herbs fully contain their original natural strength for your benefit. Cheers!


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