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Elecampane root (50 gr)

Ancient Greeks and Romans considered Elecampane root as a cure-all for a broad range of ailments.

Origin: West Sayan Mountains, Russian Federation.

The 'father of medicine' Hippocrates said Elecampane stimulates the brain, kidneys, stomach and uterus and the great Roman naturalist Pliny wrote 'let no day pass without eating some roots of Elecampane to help digestion, expel melancholy and cause mirth'.

Traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic physicians used Elecampane to treat respiratory problems, particularly bronchitis and asthma.

Nicholas Culpeper wrote 'Elecampane relieves cough, shortness of breath and wheezing in the lungs' and he also claimed it 'cures worms in the stomach'.

One of Elecampane's common names 'Horseheal' was derived from its use by veterinarians in treating lung disorders in horses. The Latin name 'Helenium' comes from the legend of Helen of Troy who was said to be carrying the plant when abducted by Paris.

Night-sweats are relieved by Elecampane, as are some cases of humid asthma, and, by its tonic properties, it tends to sustain the strength of the patient in chronic disorders of the respiratory tract. Inula is somewhat slow in action, and should be used for quite a time to get its full action. That it is an important remedy in irritation of the trachea and bronchi is now well established. It is adapted to cases with free and abundant expectoration, teasing cough, and pain beneath the sternum, conditions frequent in the grippe, and the several forms of colds.

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Most of you will be making your syrup from dried roots:

Combine 1 oz dried elecampane root and 2 C water.

Bring to a boil and continue to simmer until liquid has been reduced by half.

Strain, pressing the root to extract as much medicine as possible

Allow to cool until just warm to the touch.

Measure your decoction. Divide this amount by two. This is how much honey to add. (For example, if you measure 1 C decoction, then add 1/2 C of honey). Stir to combine. Store in the refrigerator for up to six months.

Note: Elecampane decoction has this amazing habit of turning turquoise when exposed to oxygen. After your jar of decoction sits in the fridge for a while you may notice this color change. It is harmless but fascinating none the less.

To use, take 2/3 tsp for children and 2 tsp for adults hourly as needed. Avoid during pregnancy. Note: honey is not recommended for children under two. If you wish to give this formula to a younger child the honey can be omitted.


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