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Wild raw Siberian Chaga mushroom pieces/chunks. (100 gr) Not cultivated. 100% natural.

The king of medicinal mushrooms. Fresh and potent - Perfect for tea's, tincturing and many other uses!

Inonotus obliquus. Origin: Karatuzsky District, Krasnoyarsk Krai. Russian Federation.

Chaga tea is a natural healthy drink which is very popular among Russian population especially in Siberia. The tea supports general health, strengthens immune system, detoxifies and energizes the whole body. It contains only natural ingredients: dried and crushed Siberian chaga mushroom mixed with Siberian herbs. Research is underway to determine the full potential of Chaga’s anticancer and immune stimulating effects. To date, studies show its constituents can kill cancer cells selectively and can stimulate the immune system.

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How to Make Chaga Tea

Break the whole chaga into roughly 10 gr chunks. Grind one chunk into powder using a blender or coffee grinder. Place one teaspoon (two if you like a stronger tea) into a tea infuser. Place the tea infuser into your favorite large mug and pour in about 400 ml of hot water. Leave the chaga and hot water steeping for at least 5 minutes, but the longer the better to extract more of the bioactive ingredients. Remove the infuser from the mug and add maple syrup or honey to taste.


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